How to deal with price increase

After a deep breath and independence for 55 years , our motherland has been liberated from colonial rule rapidly developing mushroomed after the rain . In connection with the case, saying there is no mention that , there is a hill , there is a swamp , but we can not be proud because for all the progress that is being achieved , our country is still trapped in an increasingly complicated inflationary wave . While these issues are hotly disputed and often uttered the community, but have crossed the minds of our minds, what is inflation ? According to the explanation in the House Dictionary Fourth Edition , inflation is defined as the price increases caused by the increased purchasing power. Therefore, this problem can not be overstated and should be implemented formula solution for the problem of this proverb has been said , nothing that I can climb mountains , no valleys that can not be descendants .
Every disease is efficacious antidote , every problem there is a solution that is effective , therefore , the government should take the initiative to conduct a prudent campaign steadfast and consistent all over the country and not just very lightly . Quoting Lootze charms , life waste and greed drives people towards destruction. Thus, the campaign should stress the importance of thrift practice that values ​​can be used as practice in Malaysian society . Action more nice , reasonable people ordered to spend within your means like the measure shirt in your body and Do not be raising rice crust . How to shop indulges in destructive bad as the Malay proverb has stated , follow the flagging libido , follow the heart die , perish to taste . Furthermore, the government should also hold competitions to attract audience participation as poetry contest , essay writing , performing artists , etc. in an effort to spread the campaign. It is clear that the organizing campaign continued prudent and holistic is a powerful shield for the problem of rising prices .
" If one door closes, another door will open to resolve any difficulties that occur in our country , including the issue of rising prices . Yet . we will see and then regret it because the door was closed solution for too long until we can not see the other door was open . That picture of the implications of the words of pearls Alexander Graham Bell , a member of Western science and mathematics to show that every problem there is definitely an effective way to overcome it. As a continuation of the ideas, actions of government agencies or NGOs not protect the rights of consumers from rising prices on the market without control is a concrete step that should be done all the time . Organizations or agencies that support the government 's role of Malaysian Consumers Associations or FOMCA and CAP or CAP , has support obligations to protect the rights of consumers . These parties are responsible for receiving complaints and investigating all the difficulties encountered , including rising prices of essential goods, the sale of expired goods , excessive service charges and so on. Next FOMCA and CAP must take reasonable steps to ensure that the rights of consumers to be protected and not easily exploited by shrewd businessmen and irresponsible. These organizations must establish a relationship of brotherhood like a wisp -like betel, clump -like lemongrass and we also hold to the philosophy Confusius , what is the point if we sleep we dream of a loaf but the other , the better we sleep pillows are different , but our dreams remain the same . Deduksinya , protect the rights of consumers from rising prices on the market without control is not effective action by government agencies or NGOs.
Western psychology figures have revealed that there is no problem that can not be resolved, otherwise life unburdened problem is empty . These words are indeed true, and all the people in this country need feet on the ground because every crisis we face there must be a comprehensive covert methods and Minhaj . Arising from these manifestations , the authorities should constantly monitor and take stern action against any party who raise prices at will without obtaining approval from the relevant authorities . Relevant government officials should also play an important role to make surprise inspections of business premises from time to time to ensure dealers comply with the regulations and not act like loan sharks. Furthermore , the government should honor the responsibility that lies on their shoulders to enact , enforce further codify the law in a serious and transparent in order to give a warning to traders . Any trader who tried to raise the price of goods or install fish trap in the constriction should be charged in court that such an error does not recur like a banana fruit two times . Therefore, the efforts of the authorities constantly monitor and take action against unscrupulous traders to curb rising prices of goods in the market .
Aladdin lamp will not shine his own , but will Aladdin rubs it in advance, the exact expression says Alex Osborn has proven that success is not as sweet as honey can be generated without flushing earnest efforts for the Malay proverb mentioned , if not broken ruyung , which would be sagunya . In fact , the mass media also undertake an obligation to disseminate information related to consumer knowledge was initiated in response to the problem of rising prices . As we are all aware that consumer knowledge among Malaysians were widespread and were in the old notch . It is therefore not surprising that a handful of traders who sell will be like fishing in murky water , suppress gologan innocent users . As such case , the mass media should contribute to the optimum energy by applying knowledge of consumer rights to all strata of society. With the commitment of the mass media , users will find an efficient method to demand their rights from being manipulated by the evil dealers . For example , in the event of price increases , consumers will be able to make a complaint to the authorities and nongovernmental agencies so that their rights can be defended . Through the dissemination of information by print and electronic media , including consumers housewife will acquire knowledge in total consumption and act boldly as true in the next fight for their rights overcome the crisis of rising prices in the country.
After scaling a lengthy discussion , it is clear that the whole of society must mobilize together to curb price increases from its grassroots . Being the perfect and righteous , we should not wait for spreads out his hands to the heavens fall Aladdin magic lamp because there Malay proverb states, the round did not come easy , that success did not come flying . Therefore, all members of the community should uphold the spirit turns out ax hatchet to curb the problem. Thus, Vision 2020, which is triggered by the former Prime Minister of the fourth , Tun Mahathir bin Mohamad is no longer a daydream fantasies.

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