How to make reading as good habit

Open sky policy and the borderless world today has caused teens to lose confidence in themselves and endurance of the soul so tempted to do a variety of negative activities such as loitering, bullying and vandalism. Why do teenagers prefer to do activities that do not bring any benefit to them? Not ever infusion in their minds that there are many worthwhile activities that they can do specifically to read? This is so because, reading will link the human with all the knowledge. However, based on research, Malaysians only read two books a year compared to the number of books read by the people of Japan. Therefore, we must find the best formula exactly treasured words "bad cast with consultants, good pulled by consensus" to make Malaysians enjoy reading. Therefore, as a student and young adults, we have to find the initiative and effective way to make reading the practice alive.

The first initiative to be read as a way of life is, I need to be diligent to go to the library. Marcapada, Malaysia has never been lacking in the library but there are various types of libraries, tamsilnya school libraries, public libraries and mobile libraries. The library visit, I was able to read and borrow a variety of books for knowledge. I will always work hard and diligently to the library to read even acknowledge that the library is filled with books is like a vast ocean that could not be explored. Even just reading a book a week, I can feel the knowledge gained tremendous value. In the meantime, I will also do a study visit to the National Library or the library at leading universities in Malaysia. In addition to inculcating the reading habit in yourself, I can also see the technology available to the area in accordance with the proverb says drinking water while diving. It turned out certainly, by being diligent to the library I would always be tempted to make reading as a way of life.

Malay proverb which states that where there is a will, there is a way, it is appropriate for me to make a stake in nurturing reading habits. Words of wisdom above will be explained and debated from the perspective of providing a reading corner in your home or the room itself. I would like to emphasize that change yourself is the most proactive and effective to be read as a practice in life. In order to foster a culture of reading in my life, I need to provide a reading corner or a mini library at home for the whole family. This situation will encourage and motivate us as a family to try with the field of knowledge to the practice of reading instilled in the minds of every member of the family. Sementalahan, I need to buy a wide range of titles appealing and suitable to be read in addition to a culture of "bed story" before bed. Neville Black, a member of Western philosophy, the view that knowledge is the dominant asset if we want to compete with others in the age of globalization. On studying the thirst for knowledge, I will read and read until it becomes a human capital with first class mentality. Based on the above discussion, in my opinion, I should cultivate the habit of reading in themselves thus becoming a role model to my siblings.

In addition, I also can participate actively in the program NILAM or Nadi Reading Science Practice. This is because, NILAM work to attract students to read in large quantities. Through this program, I have read two books version of Malay and English, and later recorded in the books NILAM. Students who read in large quantities will be recognized starting from bronze, silver, gold and so on sapphire. In fact, students who are active may also represent the school to a higher level of the district, state and national levels. In this program, there is a degree Friend reader. Friends Reader works to attract other students and then share their knowledge with them. As a result students would voluntarily make reading as a necessity in their lives. To be sure, all the desire to increase the amount of reading material should be read birthday present from me without coercion from others. In this case, I am sticking to the verses of the Qur'an that states that Allah will not change the fate of a person, if the person did not even want to change it.

Meanwhile, I can also go to book fairs, expositions and bookstores. This is because, I will know the different classifications of the book here. For example, book fairs organized by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) and the National Book Fair. Exhibitions like this that I can buy books with cheap and affordable prices and read free books in places that are available at the exhibition. There are also special spaces provided at the corner of the information about the exhibit or the expo sinopsisi books are sold. With this, I can read briefly about the books before making the choice to buy it. Therefore, I not only read for free, but also save time, cost and energy. By visiting fairs, expositions or bookstore, I will know more friends who share the same interest of reading. Proverb travel far wider view fits well with the things and situations that I discussed above.

Next, I also subscribe to a book each month. Books or magazines subscribed is not just oriented overreach, but also figured relaxed as Student Council, magazine i-healthy and Solutions. Where can I get a book or magazine? I can subscribe to it via the internet or seek the assistance of school teachers to subscribe to it. Impact, I will always read at all times, save time and get to know the latest developments when subscribing book every month. In this case, I will make an individual who loves to read and always close to the book as an idol. For example, A.Samad Said Known for his poem, Professor Ungku Aziz, Mary Renault books history and renowned novelist, Sharifah Abu Salem. When I make them as an idol, I will always be tempted to subscribe to a vast book on the market, thus making reading the routine of my life.

It is universally admitted that the country we are seeing the development and progress with bucked the trend of globalization, liberalization and temporal swept over the world. Therefore, in order to realize our struggle up the "core reader developed countries. I also plays an important role in meeting the country to become a citizen of the habit of reading. In principle, the mass media as an influential mainstream media either print or electronic media has always held a contest or activity but awareness campaign across the country to cultivate the habit of reading in the community. Therefore, I have to participate in activities such as competition, essay writing, lecturing and so to cultivate the habit of reading. Last but not least, I can invite peers or family members to join the campaign "Heart Reading Practice Knowledge" together. It is likened to drinking water while diving and a two-pronged be able to establish relationships and get the latest info about the practice of reading.

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