Medical insurance guarantee patient care, family burden light

Level of awareness to protect themselves and their families with medical and health insurance (MHI) in the country is still low when compared to neighboring southern homeland. This was driven medical cost factor is very high in these countries compared to Malaysia which is largely the cost of treatment and medicines are borne by the government.

Although hospitals have more expertise and equipment, but an increasing number of patients who must be treated to make the process time consuming, especially for those who suffer from critical illnesses confirmed that require immediate attention.

Tips on buying insurance

  • Make sure you purchase from an insurance company licensed and authorized agent. 
  • Shop around for rates. 
  • Understand the limits of coverage, terms and conditions of the policy. 
  • Select the basic policy and affordable. 
  • Check the effective date of insurance. 
  • Fill out the application form carefully. 
  • Make sure that the premium paid to the insurance company and not the agent. 
  • Read and understand your policy when you receive it.

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