Maxis internet setting for samsung galaxy note

Kindly reconfirm that you referring to the APN setting for your Samsung Note 3. If yes, beow is the guide for manual setting:
Step 1: From the main menu, go to Menu, then to Settings
Step 2: Then go to Wireless and Networks
Step 3: Tap on Mobile Networks
Step 4: Here, for troubleshooting, please make sure the following components are turned on
- Use Packet Data is turned on
- Network mode is on 3G (WCDMA)
- APN type is set to Maxis 3G Internet
Step 5: Below steps are to troubleshoot in the event that the APN is still not set for the device. Click on the menu button to enable the New APN option on the device, and then click on new APN
Step 6: For the following, kindly fill up as per below
- Name: Maxis 3G INTERNET
- Access point name (APN): unet
- Proxy :
- Port: 80
- Username: maxis
- Password: wap
- Server: <not set>
- MMS Proxy:
- MMS Port: 80
- MCC: 502
- MNC: 12
- Authentication type: None
Step 7: For the APN type, please key in Internet + MMS
Step 8: Click on save
Step 9: Make sure the APN for the Maxis connection is highlighted
Please note, if you don't have data plan kindly turn of your Mobile data to avoid the pay per use charge RM0.10/10 for mobile data.

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