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Jane R. Doe
910 Oak Street, Verona, CA 12111
555-550-1111 or 555-111-1111

Marketing position that uses my writing skills and enables me to make a positive contribution.

Skills and Abilities

Writing Skills

Wrote creative copy for catalogs, brochures and other direct mail projects.
Researched and conceived newsletter articles.
Produced variety of business materials, including: letters, reports, proposals and forms.
Formulated employee policy manuals and job descriptions.
Composed essays using APA or MLA format.
Proof read and edited all referenced written materials.
Marketing Skills

Designed, developed and implemented marketing and sales campaigns, fundraisers, employee incentive programs and contests.
Evaluated target markets and proposed marketing strategies.
Managed all phases of direct mail projects; monitored production teams; recruited and guided vendors; oversaw print operations and coordinated mailing process.

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