Advantages of WhatsApp

In an age of technology, smartphones clearly dominate the market. They have never been more powerful, not to mention about the continuously growing application market. Practically, there are millions of applications out there, whether you think about games, softwares or communicational tools. When it comes to messaging applications, WhatsApp Nokia is a leading name these days. The successful application is used by millions of people. The application developers can brag with close to 30 billion messages since it was first released. Although this is not the only free messaging application, it is by far the most complex and appreciated one. It comes with a series of advantages over its competition too, hence its amazing popularity. But before downloading and using it, you should first become familiar with its features, as well as its advantages over other similar programs.

Benefits of using Whatsapp for free messaging

First of all, the possibility to send text messages without any money at all is the main advantage of WhatsApp. Text messages can be quite expensive, especially if your contract or offer does not include any free ones. Moreover, teenagers love chatting and communicating by text messages. With this program, everything is free. From the same point of view, you can now message relatives or friends from other countries without having to worry about a huge phone bill. All in all, there is nothing better in the world than freebies. And when they actually come to satisfy a common need – like text messages, you can count on an excellent feature.

Other than that, WhatsApp is not one of those applications that tend to kill the memory of your smartphone. You might expect such a comprehensive tool to eat a lot of memory, which is not going to happen. In fact, it is probably smaller than the games you already have on your smartphone. Since you do not need any comprehensive graphics or colors to send text messages, the application is simplistic, intuitive and very easy to use. You can also forget about those applications that overwhelm the smartphone when you use them. In other words, the memory and power consumption is just as insignificant. The program will work smoothly, without any lags or problems. Therefore, you have the chance to keep chatting with your buddies without slowing down the gadget.

Last, but not least, downloading WhatsApp allows you to transfer all the names from your address book. You can communicate almost instantly. Other similar applications ask you for the phone number, without actually transferring your contacts. In this case, you might have to remember the number upfront or just write it down on a piece of paper. It can become very inconvenient to chat with more friends at the same time when you need to perform such actions over and over again.


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