Analysis Brazil vs Croatia 3-1 World Cup 2014

What did we learn about the opening game between Brazil and Croatia?
Be that as it may the match offered various significant minutes that characterized both sides and it positively permitted the viewer more prominent understanding looking forward. Here are the things we looked into Brazil and Croatia's World Cup opener:

1. Brazilian protection uncovered on the wings 

The opening objective was a course reading counterattack. The Croatians moved the jumble the pitch rapidly down the flanks. Olic moved beyond a lost Dani Alves, compelling Thiago Silva to submit and leave the center of the container totally open. Olic crossed the ball in and it evaded each and every player, inevitably arriving on the foot of left back Marcelo, who redirected it into his net. Notice the two Brazilians specified: Marcelo and Alves. Both players are enormous hostile powers, however they are famous for getting made up for lost time the pitch. Also on numerous occasions the Croatians got them out of position on the flanks and produced possibilities. Julio Cesar's huge recovery was the consequence of a cross from the flanks. In the event that Brazil is going to be beaten, you can wager that groups will be dealing with uncovering their barrier down the wings.

2. Oscar is the most imperative Brazilian player 

Neymar will unquestionably get the press, yet Oscar was the best player for the host group in the opener. He commanded Croatia's guard with awesome velocity and specialized aptitude, as well as wise playmaking. Each and every time he had the ball all through the amusement he unsettled the Croatian protectors and opened up space for his colleagues. At one point ahead of schedule in the second a large portion of Brazil's number 11 held the ball while encompassed by three safeguards; it took a foul to in the end make history the ball off his feet.

He topped off an extraordinary night with an objective and will most likely be a player to pay special mind to making headway.

3. Croatia attempted to hold ownership early, however met people's high expectations later 

Everybody realized that Brazil would overwhelm ownership all through the amusement, however few would have anticipated that the European side will have short of what 30 percent of the ball for the majority of the first half. The group looked great on the counter yet frequently attempted to make an arrangement of passes out of the back. The objective by Neymar was the consequence of a miscommunication lapse in the Croatian midfield. This is a group that turned robust protectively toward the begin of the diversion, yet gradually disentangled as Brazil picked up trust. The result was that star player Ivan Rakitic did not see a significant part of the ball in the first and his vicinity was scarcely felt all through the opening 45 minutes of play.

The group enhanced something like 10 minutes into the second half and began to declare itself unpleasantly. Notwithstanding some great recoveries from Julio Cesar and some great protecting from the hosts, Croatia could have effortlessly evened out and taken home a point.

4. Should Scolari misgiving disregarding Diego Costa for Fred?

The extremely important occasion of Fred's night came when he figured out how to get the group a disputable punishment in the 70th moment. He gained the ball in the crate and, under weight, he tumbled to the ground without any generous contact. That was his finest minute of an overall humiliating execution. He conveyed for a year prior at the Confederations Cup, yet was generally imperceptible for the greater part of this diversion and could eventually furnish this group with an issue making headway.

It is fundamental to recall that Fred is seemingly the primary reason that Diego Costa improved not get a look from Luiz Felipe Scolari and this may be a choice that the Brazilian administrator comes to lament.

5. Brazil does not persuade 

Scolari's group entered the competition as the top choices to win everything except after one diversion they don't look like top contenders. The group passed the ball around gradually at the begin of the amusement and looked reluctant. For the initial 20 minutes, Croatia resembled the more hazardous side and in the end exploited a move play that Marcelo put in his objective. The group woke up and began tearing up the Croatian safeguard however neglected to really unsettle a balanced Croatian barrier. Neymar's first objective was a misread by goalie Stipe Pletikosa; he did the same on the last Oscar objective. Concerning the punishment objective, Brazil was recompensed a blessing by an uncouth arbitrator. Brazil did figure out how to gaze risky toward times, additionally looked a bit experimental on the back end as the amusement surrounded its great finale. Croatia looked progressively better and Brazil looked vulnerable.

Man of the Match

Brazil - Neymar scored twice, however it was Oscar who cut out Croatia's midfield with astounding specialized expertise and imagination. He was the man of the match.

Croatia - Luka Modric was unquestionably the most discernible player on the pitch for his club and showed signs of improvement and better as the amusement wore on. He about tied the amusement at one point and was continually discovering approaches to open up space on the assault. He looks to have a huge competition.

Flop of the Match 

Brazil - Fred shares this honor with Dani Alves. As the diversion moved along, it was more observable that Croatia was deciding to assault along the left flank (Alves' side) and was discovering huge room to make runs. On the off chance that he doesn't tighten things up pushing ahead, Brazil's protection could discover some inconvenience on that wing in impending diversions.

Croatia - Ivan Rakitic had an incredible go to help setup Croatia's objective, however he had a couple of giveaways that brought about plays in the other bearing for Brazil. He was to a great extent undetectable in key minutes and needs to an enormous diversion against Cameroon to help his country pushing ahead.

Full-time • Arena Corinthians, São Paulo • Group A
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