How to hack whatsapp and read messages

Whatsappsniffer is an apparatus for root terminals to peruse Whatsapp discussions of a WIFI system (Open, WEP, WPA/Wpa2). It catches the discussions, pictures/ features and arranges that aresent or accepted by an Android telephone, iphone or Nokia on the same WIFI system. It has not been tried with W indows Phone terminals. It can't read the messages composed or gained by the Blackberry's, as they utilize their own particular servers and not Whatsapp's.

This requisition is intended to exhibit that the security of Whatsapp's interchanges is invalid. Whatsappsniffer simply utilize the Tcpdump program which peruses all the WIFI system bundles and channels those which has birthplace or goal Whatsapp's servers. All messages are in plain content, so it doesn't decode anything, agreeing completely with the lawful terms of Whatsapp (3.c: "While we don't deny the utilization of sniffers Such as Ethereal, tcpdump or Httpwatch by and large, Any we do set deliberations to forbid figure out our framework, our conventions, or investigate outside the limits of the common solicitations made by customers Whatsapp … . ")

For WPA/Wpa2 encoded systems, if utilizes the apparatus Arpspoof (discretionary).

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