Lionel Messi at his peak for Argentina

This is the competition that will see Lionel Messi, at 27 years old, at his top.

Argentina have customarily felt more agreeable when the competition is played on their mainland. They mean to win it. In their greatest rivals' patio. For Messi, this is his World Cup.

The group rotates around Messi, in spite of the fact that with buddies in assault, for example, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and Angel di Maria, Argentina are the Real Madrid of national groups: they revel in playing on the break, with pace.

Totally everything has been carried out to guarantee Argentina, and Messi, land as genuine contenders, including the errand of another mentor.

Regardless of a 4–1 win against Spain in September 2010, then supervisor Sergio Batista neglected to join the footballing development of 'The Flea' with a group that lived up to expectations. He fizzled in the Copa America held in Argentina in 2011,  losing to Uruguay in the quarter-finals.

Alejandro Sabella came in and lifted spirits without making an excess of commotion. The four advances (Messi, Di Maria, Aguero and Higuain) had been creating a comprehension and would make certain starters. What's more in midfield, a blend of Javier Mascherano's strategic control and Fernando Gago's touch made them pioneers on and off the pitch.

Messi had Gago behind him and Aguero as his accomplice in advance in both his titles with Argentina (Under 20 World Cup and the Olympic Games). They were brought together under Sabella.

Messi, close by colleagues who were on the same wavelength, started playing with  flexibility. He began turning into Barcelona's Messi.

'The main thing I said when I joined the national group was that he must be left in peace,' says Sabella. 'He once missed a penalty and it was as though a space rock had struck the Earth. Kindly

'At that point they began, "Imagine a scenario in which he's depressed...what's occurring to Messi?" It would seem he scored five objectives in the  after two matches. We need to comprehend that Messi is a person.'

Sabella heeded advice from Pep Guardiola

Sabella noticed guidance from Pep Guardiola, the previous Barcelona mentor: 'Ensure him with players who make his employment more straightforward.' And make him feel adored, he included. Considering that, the new mentor gave Messi the captaincy.

Previous commander Mascherano says: 'I was the person who offered it to him. I let him know I would never again be skipper. I advised Messi he must be chief in light of all that he spoke to for u

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