World Cup 2014: Netherlands Defeats Spain 5-1

At last, Spain got to be yet an alternate shielding Champion who neglected to win her opening match. They likewise conceeded a bigger number of objectives than they did in their last two real rivalries.

What oher lessons as well as desires did this installation hurl for us?


This strategic advancement and creativity has been a real a piece of the improvement of the current amusement in the previous seven years. The tiki-taka style is one of such inventive strategies that have ruled the amusement for the better of the previous decade. Utilized by Barcelona throughout the rule of Pep Guadiola and quickly in use by German side Bayern Munich, drilled by the same man, tiki-taka has been bearing tree grown foods for advocates of the style of play - one of which likewise incorporates the all-overcoming Spanish national group of the previous six years.

The example of play includes a high possessive and strict short passing amusement with accompanying development which underlines strike as the principle manifestation of protection. In the tiki-Taka design, the group is required to hush up about the ball, using short passes typically played to the feet. The example of shielding is the high-line technique with safeguards starting assaulting moves from the back. This style of play additionally supports the non-use of the number nine position with an assaulting midfielder been supported in a false nine part.

In spite of the triumphs that came to groups that apply this example of play, late occasions recommend that the tiki-taka example may not be as viable as it used to be. A year ago Confederations Cup last uncovered the escape clauses in the example of play with the pacey and compelling striking line-up of Brazil bulldozing the possessive tiki-taka types of Spain in transit winning the trophy. Barcelona's baffling excursion last season to a limited extent reflects the decrease in the tiki-taka style while Real Madrid utilized more straightforward play in their whitewash of Bayern Munich in the elimination round of last season's Champions League. These aside, no apparatus to date stresses the current dare circumstance of the tiki taka example like the most recent night's diversion in the middle of Spain and the Netherlands.

While the La Furia Roja commanded the early play regarding ownership, the Oranje young men with their pacey influential ambush had the field day as far as objective scoring fortunes. Xabi Alonso's punishment set the tune for the day however two decisively correct long balls from the Dutch midfielders uncovered the shortcoming of the highline protective methodology of the Spaniards and the torpid nature of the shields on obligation that night. Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben made Spain pay the cost and the story proceeded onward from that point finishing in a 5 – 1 annihilation for the Iberian group.

One thing ought to be made clear which is that tiki-taka is one of the best strategic developments the excellent diversion has ever seen however occasions propose that time is ideal for a reorganization. A move up to settle the bugs of the strategies is expected. The time is a good fit for the presentation of tiki-taka form 1.0.1. The required update ought to particularly take into perspective a redesign of the highline shielding style in addition to everything else.


15 years prior they reacted to the clarion call to administration and 15 years on they could be seen as commendable servants and a meaning of a time that have bore soil grown foods that will toward the end in the archives of history. Despite the triumphs they have brought to La Furia Roja, the correct time is here for group Captain Iker Casillas and his delegate Xavi Hernandez to take the bow.

Both players are in the dusk of their playing professions and have been encountering age-impelled decrease in the previous one year. Their dormant quality is still steady however the display of these qualities at the largest amounts of the diversion is that which is absent.

Iker Casillas has been conflicting in the previous year and a half losing his first decision position between the sticks for Real Madrid to Diego Lopez. The previous evening, his conflict came to fore such that notwithstanding making eye getting spares, the Madrid-based goalie was powerless all match and could be held obligated for each of the five objectives surrendered the previous evening. It is important that he about expense his club Madrid the Champions League trophy a month ago. Casillias however still a top class Goalie is on the disappear and this is because of age.

Same might be said of Xavi Hernandez who notwithstanding even now holding his capacity to play the right play was poor in his midfield work rate all through the match such that the substitution of Xabi Alonso opened up bounty more risks for the resistance who could have added more to their five objectives. His age-impelled harm recurrence additionally influenced Barcelona's execution last season.

Their quality is steady however age is no more on their side subsequently their top level execution is sketchy. This World Cup ought to sign the end of their global vocation yet in the event that Spain need to protect the trophy they won four years back, dependence on these two players ought to be at any rate. The way that they have quality more youthful players in their positions with the capacity to adequately supplant both players is an enormous in addition to on their part. Instead of staying with the old blood, Vicente Del Bosque ought to utilize the administration of junior bloods, for example, Fabregas, Juan Mata, Santi Carzola or David De Gea in the impending recreations. Rolling out these improvements will certainly bring about a superior excursion than the previous evening.


Prior to the commencement of the competition, fatigue had been seen as a factor that will play a crucial part in Spain’s World Cup campaign and in the high humidity of Salvador last night, the much feared monster raised its ugly head.

Despite keeping their passing game going early in the match, the visibly lethargic performance of some of the Spanish players especially the defenders played their part in deciding the outcome of the match. Four out of the starting eleven of the Spanish national team played in last month’s UEFA Champions League finals with a further three who featured in Lisbon on the bench.

While that might not be a worthy excuse for some of the errors which led to the five goals, it’s worth noting the effect of a long season could be seen in the performance of these players and the high humidity of the Brazilian weather made matters worse for the Spaniards.


Tiki-Taka as it is now has it origin in Barcelona's La Masia however, the evolution of this now pattern started with the total football Louis Van Gaal introduced when he was the manager of the Catalans 15 years ago. Josep Guardiola who redefined the pattern to what it is now drew his tactical ingenuity from LVG whom he played under at Barcelona.

Last night, the Dutch tactician added another masterpiece to his book of tactics as he evolved a tactical outlay that not only explored the weakness of tiki-taka but also hit hard on the opposition in terms of the scoreline.

The Dutch team playing with power and pace unsettled the Spanish defense. Midfield industry and defensive doggedness ensured that there is limited space for the passes and movements. However, the introduction of long balls to expose the defensive highline of the opposition is one pattern out of the blue as evidenced in the equalizing goal and the secong Dutch goal. This kind of play can only come from an ingenious source and this can be no other person than the Netherlands manager. He is worthy of praise and his country will cherish last night victory's for a long time.


Every World Cup, the Netherlands go into the competition as title contender but most of the time, they fall short of the required expectation - earning them the tag as 'perenial underachievers'. Three times they have made it to the finals of the World Cup and three times they have failed to win it. They hold the record of most final appearances without winning the trophy but will they be lucky this year?

Last time around, they despatched Brazil en-route the final but were unlucky, battling hard as they lost 1 - 0 to Spain. Last night, revenge came in sweet for the Oranje boys following their 5 - 1 win against La Roja in Salvador. This victory once again beamed the searchlight on the Dutch with many wondering if they will break their World Cup deadlock in Brazil.

As always, they went through an impressive qualifying campaign and still boast of an array of world class talent within their rank. This time they have a World class manager cum tactician controlling events. They will go far in the competition but will need a good deed of luck at the right moments if they are to be win the trophy.

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