World Cup 2014 Spain Tactical Review

Vicente del Bosque and Cruyff are comparable not as individuals or experts. While Cruyff had virtuoso as his principle goodness, Del Bosque has knowledge. So if the extraordinary Barça group of Guardiola was manufactured without a true striker, with Lionel Messi going about as a false nine, Del Bosque has figured out how to move and execute this variant of the diversion to get Spain to develop and succeed in their previous three appearances at real competitions, winning first Euro 2008, then the World Cup in 2010 and afterward Euro 2012.

From the Fernando Torres-David Villa blending picked by Luis Aragonés to play in Austria and Switzerland, Del Bosque selected to utilize just Villa within South Africa two years after the fact, and afterward wound up holding the Euros in Ukraine and Poland with Cesc Fábregas as a false nine, putting his confidence in the man who takes Messi's spot for Barcelona when the Argentinian is truant. In Brazil, notwithstanding having a splendid exhibit of strikers, the thought is to put Fábregas again at the peak of the Spanish pyramid.

The great side? That dedication to the 4-2-3-1, where the "1" is an apparition that at every appearance wears an alternate shirt, permitting Spain to rule. This is the mantra of Spanish football and, however their capable midfielders, Xavi particularly, are no more fit as a fiddle, regardless it denote the beat of the matches.

With that monolog, pointless and exhausting to such a variety of, Spain accomplished in the previous three competitions 10 continuous clean sheets in the knockout matches. Those 900 minutes without yielding is the primary mystery of the Spanish group. Furthermore when the hostile ability has not been sufficient, Iker Casillas has demonstrated his enchantment in the punishment shootouts.

The awful side? The feeling that this equation is beginning to lose adequacy. The group was squashed in the last of the Confederations Cup against Brazil a year back. Without a true hostile risk, contradicting protectors connected weight, lessening spaces and closing down the force supply, making Andrés Iniesta, David Silva, Santi Cazorla and Juan Mata look like general players. Additionally, if Fábregas is to be the finisher, his execution in the last a piece of the season is not guaranteeing whatsoever.

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