Cara Tukar Saiz Tulisan Wechat

Go to Google Play Store from your Android device or your PC.

Install the “Text Art for Whats App” App from Paly Store or click on this link: Text Art for Whats App
Launch the App after installation and you are ready to create a message with your desired font and send to your contacts across various chat platforms.

Launch the App -> Enter the Text which you want to send -> you will be seeing many options to help you edit the Font, Appearance of the font, size, color etc

You cna edit the text by choosing from the following options: Edit Text, Select the preset/design, change font, Change Color, Change Design

You can also change the Text layout settings like margins, aspect ratio, alignment etc with ease
After you are done with the desired changes click on the button at the right side top of the screen showing “Send to whats app” or “Share Text Art” and the text will be send in the form of a .jpg image to your contacts.

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