Essential Nutrients From Kitchen

Of course you can buy steel directly from stores selling steel to be used as an ingredient encourage your plants to grow. But did you know, waste from your kitchen can also be a promotion of the steel plant growth and fans for your home page.

Vegetable broth

Among the waste materials which are easiest to find from your kitchen is a vegetable broth without salt. After boiling the vegetables, let the broth is cool and after cool, pour water on the soil around the trees that are on your home page. cooking water contains nutrients that have been left out of the vegetable is boiled.

Skin of vegetables and onions

Store in a bowl all skin onions and vegetables after you finish peeled. Pour boiling hot water into the bowl and let stand for 2 days and then filter the water and bathing water the plants you use.

Water boiled eggs

Water boiled eggs contain calcium released from the egg shell. Cool the eggs before cooking water before bathing to trees that are found in your home page.

Tip: to get better results, you can combine all these ingredients.

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