Food Waste Composting you!

Without realizing much food waste we produce every day through activities and work the kitchen. It contributes to the increase of solid waste collected in landfills and certainly happens a lot of waste. Surplus food dumped in plastic can not be composted in fact perfectly. It produces methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. It also produces the liquid leachate that contaminate clean water sources. Ultimately this affects food security (food safety) in which you reside. How can I fix this? By way mengompos food waste from your kitchen, can help you and your family from involvement of unwanted items mentioned above.

How to Compost conventional
The easiest way to process food waste is composted with conventional composting methods. You can recycle food waste from the kitchen with the rest of the way to pile up in bins in the back yard. Here's a tip for you:
1. Tong must be closed in order to prevent want composted material away from heat and rain.
2. Place the barrel containing the compost on the ground so that agents such as worm compost and soil micro-organisms that can decompose food waste.
3. Waste food from the kitchen typically contain high humidity. Useful tips add the dry ingredients such as cardboard, paper and so on in order to avoid the process of composting stop there. You can also use tissue paper into the rest of the food because it is easily described.
4. Check the compost pile foundation after a few months. The darker parts of compost may be used as compost. Meanwhile, the remaining parts of compost should be mixed with a little water if it looks dry.
5. If the mixture seems a little damp compost, mix with dry ingredients such as the paper.
6. You can also mix some lemon seeds into the compost because acidic conditions facilitate the process of composting runs perfectly.

Organic materials
Here is a list of organic material found on the kitchen and can be used as compost.
1. Vegetables
2. Skin fruits like banana peel, lemon peel
3. The tea leaves and coffee grounds
4. Skin chicken eggs
5. The grass and cereals
6. Paper, newspapers, tissue
7. Leaves
8. Dust
9. Wood charcoal

It should be noted, do not include meat offal, fish, diapers and glossy paper into compost mixture.

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