Hanging Vase Cheers

Site would be more glowing if you inject element of fun. Do not need much to make a few changes to the rope hanging pots like this is sufficient impact on your site. Wait what. Let's try.

Jute rope or ribbon
Iron ring (for addressing)
Plants and pots

1. Cut the rope over 1.5 meters each of the four threads. Then enter into the steel ring that will be used for addressing. Make sure the end of the rope evenly. The rope knotted to produce eight strings hanging down.
2.Seterusnya, from a distance of 15cm from the iron ring, and then close the two ropes knotted, then repeat these steps on another rope as shown in the picture.
3. Repeat the same steps until you are satisfied with the length of rope hanging pots desired.
4. After that, the very end of a rope tied so pots can stand up well.
5.Sementara it, enter the plant in pots that have been provided.
6. Finally, put the pot into a knot of rope and hanging plants can be put in place Favorite

This project is suitable for temporary use only as using rope material that can decay. If you want to use to ensure the long-term hanging plants are placed in places not exposed to sunlight and rain. In addition, you can also use a rope material that is more durable as plastic or rubber. Shabby clothes also can be used in a way mengguntingkannya thread-forming strings. Good luck!

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