Proper Posture While Using Computers

Posture is a good body position when standing or sitting or lying down. It requires a balance muscles of the spine, muscle flexibility and normal movement in the joint. Those who have good posture position aware when any changes occur in the posture. Posture is formed from a combination of good muscle control, strength and self-confidence. Those who have good posture sitting position with head erect and looked up.

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Most computer-borne diseases can be avoided if you understand about computer ergonomics. Computer Ergonomics is the study of human and machine interface that emphasizes comfort while using your computer. In the long run, the use of computers in uncomfortable can adversely affect the health of computer users.

 The main thing about the hotel is the adaptability of workplace equipment and hardware work to suit different body dimensions, the selection of individual work styles and needs to change position to avoid fatigue. Generally, the working posture suggested by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration - OSHA) is the state agency and rear upright or leaning back slightly when facing the screen and keyboard, feet flat on the floor, eyes or low line with a little ledge on the screen, then thighs, hands, and wrists are parallel to the floor. Ergonomics experts agree that the chair is the most important component in a healthy work environment.

 5 steps to correct the position of the seat so that your position meets the ergonomic features.
Use a chair with adjustable height seat.
To get an appropriate position in the seat, start with the highest position and adjust the height so that the legs are in open angle 90 degrees or less and feet flat on the floor of the meeting.
Then, adjust the position of the dock so anyway lumbar support is in the groove of the lower back.
Adjust the tilt-back chairs to give full support throughout the back up to the neck and the bottom of the head.
Hand resting place should also be adjusted so as not to interfere with the course of their employment. Remember that hand resting place should be used only to support your arms and never signed the elbows while typing or using a mouse.
 If the seat can not be adjusted as above, additional equipment is required to enable the position of the seat can be adjusted in order to sit down and work the right way.

 Sekiranyanya necessary, use a thin, soft cushions to adjust the seat height. Foot rest can also be made using a box stacking. If the seat is too deep, place a small pillow or rolled towel in the bottom of the rear bandan so when sitting, the back of the knee is not confined to a chair.

Hopefully this knowledge useful for everyone, especially those working in the office.

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