Tip Keeping Cabinet Of Termite Attack

Termites are a species of insect pests that makes wood as a source of food, and multiply rapidly and build colonies. Given his penchant eat wood starts from the inside, this makes termite activity is difficult to detect at an early stage. Kitchen cabinets, furniture, door frames, frame house and so is potentially a source of food for these pests.

1. Placing bait like styling wooden skirting in some corner of the kitchen or even the entire residence.

2. Perform routine inspections every week at the cabinet building.

3. Do not use insecticides commonly came across termite effect because it will cause the termites find and damaging other parts that have not been exposed to pesticide sprays.

4. If found termites in the cabinet, do not be upset. The best way to put a structure in place newspaper route is termites. Then immediately get the advice and services of pest control officer (pest control) to cope.

5. If you want to buy a product or service related, make sure the professional is licensed.

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