Asal Usul GST

Late 1980s: Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's government pursues sales tax reform, saying it wants to replace the manufacturers' sales tax with the goods and services tax.
Jan. 24, 1990: GST bill introduced in the House of Commons.
Sept. 27, 1990: Facing Liberal opposition to the GST in the Senate, Mulroney uses obscure constitutional provision to stack upper chamber with eight more Tories.
Dec. 13, 1990: After months of tense debate, the GST legislation is passed in the Senate.
Jan. 1, 1991: The 7 per cent GST goes into effect.
Dec. 16, 1996: Prime Minister Jean Chr√©tien apologizes for having given the impression during the 1993 campaign that Liberals would eliminate the GST.
May 2, 2006: The new Conservative government under Stephen Harper includes a one percentage point GST cut in its first budget; the reduction to 6 per cent comes into effect in July.
Jan. 1, 2008: GST officially drops from 6 per cent to 5 per cent.


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